Do not worry! Plus100years is here to assist you in getting a top doctor’s appointment from Yashoda hospital instantly. Being a heart hospital in Hyderabad, Yashoda Hospital presents multi-disciplinary programs for treatment, prevention, and identification of cardiac conditions. The hospital has over 100 consultants available around the clock, and also this hospital has a number of Specialized Clinics that offer patients and their family treatment, guidance, and advice. The dedication of our cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons to the prevention and treatment of coronary disease has caused the achievement of better outcomes and enhanced quality of life for many cardiac patients that visit us each year, making Holistic Hospitals that the most pursued best heart specialists doctor in Hyderabad for bypass operation and child heart surgery in India.

The hospital has been the first to perform a hip-replacement operation in the nation and is also known for many procedures. It is a mix of their center practices in noninvasive doctors, technology as well as emergency solutions. The section of Cardiology presents superior cardiac services for all sorts of coronary diseases. The Yashoda hospital will be your very first heart transplant clinic with the team of finest Cardiologists in Hyderabad. The institute has performed more than 155,000 heart surgeries, such as a number of complicated heart surgeries. He has published more than 35 Nationally, and Internationally found journals. Don’t tarry! Hit us, and we provide a doctor’s appointment right away.

Wondering just how to make the appointment? Dr. Bhat additionally gives academic instruction to institutions overseas, including Otago Medical School, New Zealand, and Al Fatah University Medical School, Libya. The majority of them have studied, practiced, or worked overseas at institutions. Its innovative & scientifically based therapies for coronary disease are Yashoda Hospital’s trademark. The scorecard indicates an unmatched record of over 45,000 heart surgeries, which include bypass surgery, complicated coronary artery bypass surgery, an operation for all kinds of alular heart disease and child heart surgery, with success rates similar to international standards.