If you’ve ever questioned yourself the question: what cryptocurrency is? Know that the answer is quite simple. A cryptocurrency, or cryptographic currency, is a virtual currency, which is based on a decentralized system and which is exchanged via electronic wallets which are held via applications, websites or exchange platforms. The exchanges are done peer to peer, which means that there is no intermediary during the exchanges.

Each cryptocurrency is based on a technology which makes it possible to secure transactions, by recording more or less information between the two peers carrying out an exchange. In general, this recording role is also accompanied by the function of creating a virtual currency unit, and those engaged in these activities are called “miners”.

Why trade cryptocurrencies?

If cryptocurrencies have long interested a small community, they have become popular in recent years. Especially since they are increasingly used for trading purposes, like traditional fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency market is particularly volatile, it is customary to see daily prices vary by several tens of percentage points, upwards or downwards. In such a volatile context, going through CFDs makes it possible to place buy and / or sell orders which will be executed in less than a second, and to close a current position is done just as quickly, while the registration and processing time to buy or resell physical cryptocurrencies is longer.

Get started!

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