If you have not started a family and have not built a serious relationship, you should go in search of your soulmate. In the era of modern technology, dating in cafes and discos lose their relevance. Dating sites come to the rescue, on which you can, without leaving your home, evaluate possible candidates and candidates and start a conversation, which can then turn into something more serious. Here is an overview of dating sites for the craigslist personals, which will help in the search for relationships.

Popular Dating sites

Some popular dating platform in the form of an application for gadgets for Android and Apple iOS, which is consiered one of the most popular today around the world. It is quite simple to use: create a personal mini-profile, upload a photo, and then choose candidates for yourself. To do this, enter the age of the partner in the search parameter. You will be offered photos of the right sex who live in your city and are nearby.


The functionality of the site is extremely simple. You are offered photos of various candidates, and your task will either scroll down the page further, and view other photos, or note that you liked the person. This is done using swipe (holding the finger horizontally on the screen). If you liked the person, scroll through his photo to the right, if not, to the left. Candidates appear on the screen one by one.

Get notification

If your photo is of interest to someone, you receive an alert, and you can start communication in private messages. There are paid subscriptions with additional options, but the service is free. In the free version you can only view photos of candidates and respond to messages sent to you.

Given the popularity of the site, do not be surprised if a former classmate writes to you or you find photos of your first boyfriend in the tinder. The advantage of these Dating sites is that people here are mostly looking for communication or relationships. Offers of sex without obligations are also present but much less frequently than on other dating sites.