Darrelle Revis, Jeremy Shockey, and Herschel Walker are the latest Madden NFL 21 UT Ultimate Legends items. Sets and challenges are also available.

Madden NFL 21 players can now add three new Ultimate Team items to their MUT roster. The newest items belong to Darrelle Revis, Jeremy Shockey, and Herschel Walker. Let’s first take a look at the attributes on their cards. Darrelle Revis is a corner-back player with 95 speed, 96 acceleration, 95 agility. 70 strength, 95 jumping, 98 awareness, and 98 play recognition. The item has 98 OVR and shows Revis wearing the New York Jets uniform. This is his first team. He joined it in 2007 when he started his NFL career and was with them until 2012. Revis is a Super Bowl champion and has numerous other distinctions such as being part of the NFL 2010 All-Decade Team. Jeremy Shockey has a 98 OVR card with the possession tight end archetype. The attributes are 92 speed, 94 acceleration, 91 agility, 85 strength, 95 jumping, and 94 awareness. This player represents the New York Giants team. He was with them since 2002, since he joined the NFL, until 2007. Shockey also played for the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers. He won the Super Bowl two times. Herschel Walker started his professional career in 1983 with the New Jersey Generals. He was also with the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. He then returned to the Dallas Cowboys for the last season of his NFL career. He is a Pro Bowl two times winner and has many awards. His card has 98 OVR with 96 speed, 97 acceleration, 94 agility, 91 strength, and 92 jumping.

We also have two new sets. You will need one 96 OVR, two 92 OVR, and four 88 OVR items of a player to get his 98 OVR card. Random Skill edition sets give players the opportunity to get this version of a player of their choice. You will need five 85-86 OVR and seven 83-84 OVR Legend cards to obtain the set reward. Challenges are also available. Play the Ultimate Legends challenge to get tokens. The rewards also include 700 coins and four stars. There are two solo challenges for Revis and Shockey. Complete these challenges and you will obtain the Power Up item of each player. Other rewards for these challenges include 5,800 coins and eight stars. Don’t forget about the Free Agency event that allows you to obtain 20 new items including Master and Hero players.

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