Those of you who have been following me around for a while probably know that I have this unconditional (and completely inexplicable) love for cross body bags on a chain. It’s pretty weird, because I am not even that much of a fan of chains. In fact, nine out of ten times I don’t even like them at all.

For some reason I got hooked (make that chained) when I first tried one a couple of years bag. I am talking about this little black one, that I have been wearing on a daily basis for the last years. Until one day this summer I decided I had to get rid of it (mainly in a fit of rage because my Cutler and Gross sunglasses got scratched!). All of a sudden, I felt like I needed a new one. These are my favourites right now!

And for our next item, I probably don’t have to tell you anymore about my love for Breton stripes. Still a true favourite and the perfect addition to my simple blue wide leg trousers. I even did a subtle print mixing by wearing my snake sandals, or black heels! I’ve always had a thing for classic heels, especially with a pointy toe and a well-cut design. So, when I saw this black leather sling back pair a couple of years ago, it was really just a matter of veni, vidi, visa. I came, I saw, and I shopped!

Although I’m sure I will enjoy wearing these (well, figuratively speaking) for years to come, I don’t own a regular pair of black heels yet. I’ve been doing some desk research on the matter (a.k.a. online window shopping) in order to find that perfect pair, and these are the ones I came across that I like best

But seriously, why didn’t I try palazzo trousers like this before? They’re super comfy and perfect for a not so sunny summer day. Besides that, you can wear them with pretty much anything. Pair with heels and you’ll instantly feel dressed up, or dress them down with flats, like I did. What do you think about the wide fit pants? Is it something you would wear?