Playing baccarat with a live dealer is not a problem in most online casinos. Some of the well-known game developers have taken on the trend of live casinos and supply online casinos not only with the appropriate technology, but also with live dealers. All an online casino has to do to offer บาคาร่าสดis to buy the software from the game developers and usually pay a certain amount monthly to be able to offer it to players on their website.

Play Baccarat Live

Mostly, live baccarat also only offers the puntobanco game variant, since this is easier to implement for online casinos (and casinos in general) and gives the casino a better house edge. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to find out which game variant this is before playing – just to be sure.

What is different about live baccarat?

Playing baccarat games live is no different from the rules that apply to that game variant. The cards are distributed according to the same principle, bets are placed in exactly the same way as usual and winnings and losses are also calculated in the same way.

The big difference, however, is that in live baccarat, a real flesh and blood dealer appears on the screen. It is also possible to communicate with them and sometimes it is also possible to say hello to their fellow players. This human interaction is exactly what makes live baccarat so appealing.

As the name suggests, everything happens live. The dealers stand in front of real baccarat tables and are filmed while doing their job as croupiers. The player can then go live, chat with them and notify the amount of their bets to the live dealer for the Baccarat game via their online casino account. The amount will then be deducted from the balance and any profits credited to it.

Like a real casino

Often the live baccarat is done so well that you get the feeling that you are actually in the casino. However, there is no dress code. Conversely, although players can see the live dealers, this is not the case. However, it can happen that the live dealer baccarat has opening times just like a local casino. Not all game developers offer their service around the clock. What is also different from table games in the online casino, which are not live, is the fact that players may have to wait until one round is over to be able to play the next one.