In order to begin trading with a right broker, first of all you have to open account with them. If you have taken a look at any other brokers in the market, initially you have to know that they provide many account options. However, the same is right for bright finance too. Apart from this, the account options of this broker are more diverse and varied than any other brokers. To know about this in detail, you take a glance at BrightFinance review that explains more account options clearly. Here are some account options that you find at bright finance that includes:


This account option can be opened with minimum deposit of $2,500 and maximum of $9,999. This account also provides you access to a personal analyst who can assist in making informed decisions.


This account type can be opened with minimum deposit of $250 and maximum of $2,500 can be invested. It provides professional chart and customer support to its users.


This can be opened with a minimum of $100,000 and maximum limit of $499,999. You will also obtain access to the senior analyst who can assist you create a long term financial plan. Even you can enjoy the protected trades that are not available in any other account types.


The minimum requirement for this account type is $10,000 and a maximum deposit of $99,999, which is applicable for this account type. Also, you can enjoy the smart money management plan beneath this account.


You can simply open this account with a minimum deposit of $10,000 and a maximum deposit of $24,999. Along with these features of these account types, the traders can easily obtain access to the weekly market and financial research that can be extremely supportive in decision making.

Once again, you go through the BrightFinance review to know in-depth information before attempting all these account options.