India is an agro-based country, but ironically has the second largest telecom network in the world with 1.183 billion subscribers in the world. being the second biggest telecom network India faces quite the signal strength problem. Often users are seen hoping around and raising their phone in order to just get a bar of network. The absense of signal or weak signal makes it difficult to make a call or even send a message. Sometimes this method works on gets the network connection and sometimes this gets disappointing, and just on guesses and hope one wanders around in search of network, what if this problem gets solved with just a few taps on the phone screen? Lets study a few ways by which you can Cease your signal problems in India.

Ways to Solve your Signal Issues and Problems

In areas where, the signal strength is weak there are a few easy steps to follow to restore, strengthen or establish signal, these include:

  • Switch from 3G to 2G: this technique solves the thesiganl problem to the extent of making calls and sending texts this is because by switching from 3G to 2G the internet will get slowed, but the siganl due 2G being propagated over a lower frequency enables you to make a call and send texts. It is an easy step to Cease your signal problems in India.
  • Glass Tumbler: This helps in improving the phone’s reception in no or poor connectivity zones. Whenever get stuck in such an area it is advisable to look for a glass tumbler and put he phone in it and it is most likely that basic network can be gained.
  • Install Boosters: Our daily environments play an important role in the signal strength, for instance an office building with reinforced concrete, and wiremesh in the building hinders the signal and hence boosters are used to amplify cell phone signals.
  • Forward all calls to another number: in case of failure of receiving signal you are supposed to forwards your calls that works fine in the same environment, one can also consider forwarding the calls to landlines.

These are easy ways to deal with the signal problems in India.