Overall, the big movies in the theatres are not very impressive during this covid time but in aha OTT platform several telegu movies have been released which are scoring high in viewership. Here is a list of few such movies –

  1. MailSTORY – That was the time when the global IT revolution was starting. At a time when the villagers did not know much about computers, a boy named Ravikumar (Harshit Malgireddy) in a village called Kambalapally in Telangana was aiming to become a software engineer. At such a time, Haibat (Priyadarshi) from the same village brings a new computer to the village. Ravi wants to learn computer from Haibat anyway. The ‘mail’ story is about what situations he faced in this order.

 CASTING –The talent of the actors for ‘Mail’ was a big plus. The way Harshit Malgireddy plays the role of Ravikumar, even though he is a new boy, is dazzling. Gouri priya(Roja), who acted as his partner, also did very well. Priyadarshi’s character is short. Kamran’s background music is pleasant throughout. Director Uday Gurrala, who took over the cinematography along with Shyam Dupati, told us how he wanted to tell his story visually.The film is produced by priyanka dutt.

  1. MaaVintaGadhaVinumaSTORY  -Life means a lot to Sidhu (Sidhu Jonnalagadda). He has been in love with Vinita (Seerat Kapoor) for some years. Sidhu then goes to Goa  along with vinitha forvinitha’s brother (Kamal Kamaraj) pre-wedding shoot. Conditions there suddenly change. Sidhu gets married with vinitha in a drunken way. That wedding video was circulating wildly. With this, in their love story, conflicts come and then break up happens. What are the real problems between them? How to solve them? You have to watch it.

Casting – The director Aditya Mandal could not give a proper treatment.The music by Sricharan Pakala is good. Editing is also good. And the production values ​​for this film are good.The Producers of the film are – Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala,G. Sunitha and Kirti Chilukuri.

  1. Color Photo is directed by Sandeep Raj and introduces comedian Suhas as the hero with Telugu actress Chandni Chowdhury as the heroine.

Story – Kannayya (Suhas) was born into a poor family and studied engineering. He falls in love with Deepti (Chandini Chaudhary) who is studying in his college at first sight. He was too scared to tell her about his feeling. The reason is his colour. But Deepti loves him. While the two are in love, Deepti’s elder brother Inspector Ramaraju (Sunil) enters the field. He does not like Kannayya. The rest of the story is whether Kannayya survived the hardships caused by the cruel Ramaraja.

Casting – Suhas did one hundred percent justice to the role of Kannayya. ‘Color Photo’ gave Telugu actress Chandni Chowdhury a chance to showcase her talent in mainstream movies. Kala Bhairava songs background music are good. But director Sandeep Raj failed to present it on screen as convincingly as expected.

You can watch Telugu new movies in this genre in this valentine dayalong with your partner and have a romantic time.